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November 30th, 2021

Each year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving folks come together in a large giving event to support non-profits with a mission close to their hearts. Erasing the Distance has welcomed that generosity each year. This year, the ask is a little bit different. We are on an a specific mission this year to impact as many young people as possible and we need your help. 

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Impacting students one story at a time...

Your donations to Erasing The Distance this holiday season will bring mental health awareness to our schools. On Giving Tuesday, your donation will help provide a safe space for hundreds of students to spark dialogue about the impact of this pandemic on their mental health.


$1500 provides a custom program for a school audience of up to 100 students. A story relevant to the experiences of the student population will be shared, followed by a feedback session that engages students.


Our school partners constantly inform us of the value of this opportunity for young people to begin a dialogue with their counselors about their own and their peer's mental health. These interventions can  improve students' overall experience of school and save lives. And, we know that with the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, our young people have shouldered many invisible weights during the upheaval of what was once "normal" life.


Join us this Giving Tuesday, November 30th, as we raise funds to end the stigma of mental illness in schools. Donate what you can, or nominate your neighborhood school or your alma mater by funding the full amount to bring a custom Erasing The Distance program. 

Here are a few ways you can contribute


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