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an immersive mental health awareness event


  • This experience will play to the senses and create an interactive and engaging experience that is rooted in personal narratives celebrating neurodivergence.


  • The experience is not guided. Guests interact in their own ways, evaluate self, experience others, and engage with each narrative as much or as little as they would like. This is important because everyone is carrying their own relationship to the mental health discussion and may need to omit some of the elements of the overall experience.


  • The elements that are included in this project are designed to be bold, interactive, and colorful for the reason that we want these themes to translate the way in which we think about and approach the topic of mental health. By including large, interactive elements that may feature dark and deep parts of someone's struggles with mental health, these immersive projects will also aim to celebrate and explore the many powerful creative and brilliant gifts that come with neurodivergence. With the aim to contribute to the progression of how mental illness is understood and treated in our world.

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