Erasing the Distance

Compelling. Eye-opening. Real.



I just had to let you know how astonishing, moving and valuable I found the performance. As a person who has struggled with depression/anxiety, I found it so very healing and personal. As a theatre creator, I marveled at your success in engaging both our hearts and our analytical minds. Julie Audience member

All the emotional sweep and intellectual rigor of great art. Justin Hayford Chicago Reader

I have never experienced anything quite like it and I think it is something everyone should be a part of. My prayer is that Erasing the Distance will continue to advance the lives of the Chicago community and even a more global-like community. Anonymous

I do a lot of things at Olive-Harvey, but I have never been so lavishly thanked by the students. I believe it is because this was a matter that they have been yearning to discuss, but no one has given them an opportunity for such a frank and mediated examination. I know this performance will go a long way towards improving a lot of attitudes and dispelling a lot of disbelief about mental illness, drugs, therapy, and even race. Professor Jewel Younge Olive-Harvey College

The show was done beautifully and sensitively. Keep up the great work! Diane Loyola University Student

What an impactful way to stimulate conversation around topics and issues we all face in some form. It shows people struggling yet finding their way out. Very beautiful and positive – and real. Amy Audience member

A noble mission made manifest in a riveting, simple production. Every performance feels authentic. Clint May Chicago Theatre Blog

I think that all people, especially those in the mental health field, should see these shows to remind them that those with mental illnesses are real people and that their illnesses not only affect them, but also those around them. Meaghan Social Worker

“Erasing the Distance has made a brilliant and moving production out of a tender subject matter. Stunning to witness.” K.D. Hopkins Chicago Theatre Beat

Every single one of the actors seemed to totally embody the individual they were representing. And, indeed, it did exactly as the mission espouses: to allow us to see that mental health issues can happen to anyone. The people suffering from mental health problems are US. Anonymous

It was an eye opening performance. I really enjoyed it, and as touching as each story was I didn’t walk away “emotionally drained or down.” As a matter of fact it was inspiring. The more people who experience the show, the better. It really does make a difference! Maura Zurek Parent, Whitney Young High School

A poignant, human, real performance. This show is a tremendous resource. Anonymous

The performance was amazing. I’ve had so many great conversations with our volunteers and students who attended the event. It really had a huge impact on us and will definitely transfer over to our client service. L. Mullany National Student Partnerships

I just saw Erasing the Distance last week and found it to be a phenomenal experience. I believe that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD should see this show and be part of the dialogue. Katie Keiling University of Illinois at Chicago student and Disability Services Coordinator

The show inspired me to keep going – even as a person without a mental illness. Brandon Audience member

I was in awe from the performance. I think the stories were acted not only with great skill but in a very authentic manner. Kathy Sexton-Radek Professor of Psychology, Elmhurst College

The actors were amazing. I choked up many times. The stories were beautifully crafted and acted and the flow of the post-play conversation was great. Very inspiring. Anonymous

I would definitely recommend Erasing the Distance to others! The need to heal, to see hope and strength, to see people overcome and move forward is so important. Your show does that. Carol Counselor, Trinity High School

One of the most compelling pieces I’ve seen in a long time. I was especially taken by the response it created during the post-performance discussion. People were relating to the stories told onstage and making deep connections with their own lives, and the lives of loved ones. One walked away feeling great compassion. Jeffrey Carlson Dean of the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences at Dominican University

Thank you for shining the light. Anonymous